What Is Gout Disease – Gout Disease Simplified

What is Gout Disease What Is Gout Disease Gout Disease Simplified

Gout Disease - What is Gout Disease

What is Gout Disease? – Gout disease is one of the longest known diseases in existence today. Commonly known as the “Disease of the Kings” due to over indulgence in rich high purine foods and alcohol.

Gout disease is a metabolic disorder that occurs when there is too much uric acid in the blood – a condition called hyperuricemia. Uric acid (a normal waste product of our bodies) builds up in the blood if you take certain medicines, eat high purine foods, is a hereditary family issue or if you have kidney problems.

What Causes Gout Disease?

The main cause for Gout disease with all the study seems to be too much uric acid in the blood stream that the body can not excrete fast enough or produces an excessive amount.

With this over abundance of uric acid it can turn into crystals – known as “Urate”. These excessive needle like crystals gather in the joints and surrounding tissues that causes acute, intermittent and painful attacks of arthritis in the joints known as Gouty Arthritis.

The crystals normally attack and reside in the lower extremities of a human body like the foot, ankle, hand, fingers, elbow, wrist and the most popular place – the big toe! The big toe is referred to as Podagra as it is the first metatarsal joint of the foot and commonly “Monoarticular” in nature as it normally only effects one single joint.

Pains Asociated with Gout Disease

Gout disease is known as the most painful and crippling form of arthritis and often sneaks up in the middle of the night or real early morning and normally attacks a single joint. If left untreated, attacks become more frequent and more severe in nature. Gout disease presents itself first as a warm, red inflammation that is a very sensitive and painful swelling.

The pain and sensitivity is so severe that many times when I am in bed I can not even let the weight of the bed sheet lay on the effected area, so just imagine what it is like to try to put on your socks and shoes!

If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms, go to the doctor immediately. The pain and swelling will go away after about a week, but it will be back with a vengeance if not treated. Gout disease is not a life threatening disease in the first 3 stages.

250 needles What Is Gout Disease Gout Disease Simplified

Sharp Needle Like Uric Acid Crtystals Under a Microscope - Gout Disease First Signs

The 4 Stages of Gout Disease

There are four different and distinct stages of this inflammatory Kings Disease.  Each stage will show up and effect each person a little differently.

Stage 1 – Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia

This is the stage where high levels of uric acid is in the bloodstream, and normally no other symptoms will be found, known as “symptomatic – no symptoms are present”.

At this point, Gout often goes unnoticed and untreated at this point in the cycle.

Stage 2 – Acute Gout

This stage of Gout disease starts due to the build up of the uric acid crystals not just in the blood stream, but they are starting to settle in and making themselves at home in your joints and connective tissues, as well as your kidneys.

When this stage of Gout starts, then this stage is when you will start to feel the adverse affects and painful symptoms of Gout disease, including excruciating intense pain, very sensitive swelling, redness and heat in the effected joints and possibly kidney stones.

Stage 3 – Intercritical Gout or Interval Gout

In between attacks of acute Gout, we are in the phase of  living a normal lifestyle, showing no symptoms of Gout or elevated uric acid in the blood stream allowing us to function normally because the body’s immune system is stabilizing itself for future uric acid crystal attacks.

Stage 4 – Chronic Tophaceous Gout

depression What Is Gout Disease Gout Disease Simplified

Gout Disease Brings Great Pain and Depression

In this terrible final stage, Gout disease can become beyond excruciatingly debilitating and is very destructive to your body. You need to make a few simple life changing decisions in the early stages and get on the road to a healthy new lifestyle well before you arrive at stage 4.

If you carry on with out any medical attention this disease of the kings can do serious and permanent damage to your joints, ligaments and more importantly it could lead to death due to kidney failure.

Luckily with the research and data we have on Gout disease today there is no need to suffer as medicine is readily available for treatment. With medications, your willing to change your lifestyle for a healthier one and armed with this powerful report, you are on you way to a much easier and pain free life.

Another simple and effective step that millions of people are taking is to simply drink 3oz of Nopalea twice per day. Take the Nopalea Challenge today and get on your way to an improved quality of life.

Other complications of Gout Disease

Over time, with out treatment, uric acid levels will rise and cause other major problems like large sodium urate crystals being deposited under the skin by the effected joint most commonly in the hands, forearms, knees, ears, or feet and cause bumps called tophi. Tophi (TOE-fy), if not treated, can cause long lasting pain, disability and joint damage.


Tophi (TOE-fy) are chalk-colored and a gritty salty needle like crystals that can cause permanent damage to your infected joints. Kinda like using sand paper and making your joints rough and all the surrounding connective tissue.

When Gout Disease occurs over an extended period of time, damage and loss of mobility can occur in the joints. Once the diagnosis of Gout disease is made, several methods of treatment may be used together to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Kidney Stones and Infections Caused by Inflammatory Gout Disease

Yes, too much uric acid and uric acid crystals can and will collect in the kidneys causing kidney stones (calculi) or kidney infections. If you have had either of these issues, then you need to see a doctor and have some blood work done to see where your uric acid levels are in your body. Just because they are high does not mean that you will ever have a Gout flare up.

Gout Disease Tidbits

1) Gout disease is the most common cause of inflammatory joint disease in men over 40 years old

2) The big toe is the first joint effected in 70% of cases

3) In most patients only one joint is effected during a flare up

4) About 10% of patients are effected in more than 1 joint at a flare up

4) Men are 5 times more likely to get Gout compared to women

5) Gout normally shows up in most men after 40

6) Gout normally shows up in women after menopause

7) Gout sufferers without treatment live a lower quality of life


stress What Is Gout Disease Gout Disease Simplified

Gout Disease Causes Great Stress and Pain

There are numerous reasons for an acute Gout attack. Here are a few to watch for:

May be provoked by trauma or surgery



Crash Dieting


High Purine Food Intake

Drugs – Illegal and Doctor Prescribed

Gout Disease and Arthritis is on the Rise

Gout disease in the USA has nearly doubled over the past 50 years and today over 8 million people are experiencing effects of Gout disease and many forms of arthritis. Of those who suffer from Gout disease, Gout disease is thought to be genetic and is linked to having a greater than average risk of developing vascular problems like heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Other affects that need to be addressed are hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol and triglycerides), obesity and high blood sugar levels (diabetes).  Any of those add up to greater health problems.

Today there are more than 200 different types of arthritis and 18 documented types of Gout Disease. This ranges from Gout Disease that affects the joints to types of Gout disease that do not affect the joints, to some which resemble rheumatic fever of which the attacks may last for weeks.

To get a more in depth look at what is Gout disease and how to live a more enjoyable pain free lifestyle, read our other articles and download the free report titled “Inflammation – The Silent Killer“.

Tired of dealing with all the aches and pains associated with inflammatory diseases like:

Gout Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Alzheimer’s Disease

Autoimmune Disease


Heart Disease

Diabetes Disease

and so many more!

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start your wellness challen What Is Gout Disease Gout Disease Simplified

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